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Orange Season Adds New Beach, Mines And More!

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Farming games like Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon and beloved Story of Seasons are more popular than ever. They often feature relaxed, and laid back gameplay with adorable visuals. Orange Season is no exception. The Farm-Life RPG has everything you would come to expect from a farming and life sim game.

Orange Season offers the traditional farming elements, grow crops, care for animals and befriend the many villagers, You will of course be able to grow and sell all the yummy vegetables you have been working so hard to grow. Besides the busy farm life you can also customize and repair your farm on your path to own the most beautiful and biggest farm in the town.

But where Orange Season sets itself apart is the huge world. Orange Season invites the player to explore more than 100 hand drawn areas. You can explore mountains, forests, caves, lakes, deserts and much more. And with the latest update even more features and enhancements have been added to the already rich game.

Update 0.5.1 has changed the entire beach layout and not only made it prettier to look at, but the overall layout of the beach has changed as well – making for a more atmospheric and inviting location to hang out with your friends. There is now also an empty area just ahead of the beach which is reserved for an upcoming petting zoo! We are excited!

Orange Season Beach
Orange Season New Beach

The developer also re-worked the mines and improved the overall layout, according to the update notes “There are also new kinds of rocks to be found on the mines and on the mountains, each one requiring a different hammer level to break.” Mining is a big part of Orange Season and requires certain tools to obtain the materials needed for the in-depth crafting system the game offers!

You can check out the full patch notes for the latest update on the official Orange Season website. There are plenty more enhancements coming to the game in the future such as the long awaited dating system! Orange Season is currently available on Steam!

For more farming games check out the adorable Fields of Mistria an upcoming farming and life-sim indie game. Story of Seasons is also set to release on Nintendo Switch this fall!


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    Orange Season Adds New Beach, Mines And More!