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Ooblets Update – New Town, Shops and more

svgFeb 17, 2018NewsMax

There are very few 2018 games we are as excited about as Ooblets besides Minekos Night Market. Rebecca is hard at work making Ooblets as adorable and fun as it can be. She shared some exciting news on the latest Ooblets Update blog. During the latest livestream Rebecca revealed a brand new town that players can explore in Ooblets. Port Forward is the latest and greatest region they have added to the already huge world map.

Besides adding a brand new town, she has also announced that new Ooblets have found their way into the game. Firmo and Sidekey are the latest most adorable addition to the ever growing assortment of Ooblets. They are designed to look like tiny robots, and oh boy do we want to grow and raise them!


Ooblets as you may know is a game inspired by Animal Crossing and Pokemon. Though it features many beloved elements from those games, it has plenty of new gameplay to offer as well. Crafting is one of those additions we are super excited about. Rebecca announced ” We’ve now got a PLETHORA of crafting machines, ranging from your bog standard gooperator to your more high-end soggifier. ” Players will be able to “craft” cupcakes and others things.


Just like in Animal Crossing, players will be able to send mail using an in-game mailing system. The purpose and extend of it has not been revealed yet. But we can’t wait spamming our friends in Ooblets.

Last but not least Rebecca revealed some super exciting new interior design changes. Players will be able to decorate their home in Ooblets to their liking. There will also be stores, and other public spaces to visit. Check out this beautiful salon, new hair cut anyone?


Check out the latest livestream to show of all the new features added to Ooblets below. Ooblets is set to arrive this year on Xbox One and PC. We asked Rebecca if Ooblets is planned for other systems like Nintendo Switch as well, check out what she had to say about that and many other questions in our Ooblets interview with Rebecca here.

If you are excited about Ooblets we encourage you to also check out Mineko’s Night Market, in which you will jump into the role of Mineko and build your own shop, raise kittens and more.

Ooblets and Mineko’s Night Market are games that Animal Crossing fans in particular are excited about. But we are still impatiently waiting for the next Animal Crossing. Check out what Animal Crossing Switch could look like here! And does Animal Crossing Switch really focus on Urban City Life?


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    Ooblets Update – New Town, Shops and more