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Ooblets: Quality Of Life Improvements

One of my favorite adorable indie games, Ooblets, is making leaps and bounds.

The recently updated dev log for Ooblets let us in on some in-depth details in regards to the progress of this eagerly awaited title! The dynamic duo of a dev team has been hard at work to make sure the game is as streamlined as possible before the still unknown release date. This endlessly charming game has already gained quite the following, mostly for it’s uber-cute art style and ingenious minion system (the Ooblets).

Here’s what the developers have been working on.

One of the biggest quality of life improvements recently implemented has to do with the farming aspect of the game. Now, whenever you want to see the status of your crops, some text will pop up and show you what stage they are in and if they need water, or what have you. This will make it easier than just having to rely on visual queues.

Ooblets update

There have also been some goings on to help the dancing run more smoothly. This way, when your adorable little Ooblets are in the midst of a heated dance battle, everything will groove as it should. There have also been improvements to the UI during battle, helping to make for an overall fluid experience.

There have also been some changes made in the way that you interact with your environment, via just tapping to shake or holding really give a tree the wiggle it needs to drop fruit. There is a new Ooblet that was finally introduced to non-patrons. This tiny and wiggly arthropoda is named Isopud.


More information on Ooblets.

To get the full details on everything that is new to Ooblets, you can check out the official dev-log here. For up-to-date info on the game, be sure to follow Ooblets on Twitter.

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