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Ooblets Now Available On Xbox And PC

The day is Finally here! Ooblets has officially released on Xbox and PC via the Epic Store!

It has been years since I first heard of this adorable and adventurous indie game! The developers have worked so hard to make this game as cute and fun as they possibly can. And now it is finally the time for everyone to get to try it for themselves, as Ooblets released today, July 15th, on Xbox One and PC (via the Epic Games Store).


For those that have been living under a rock, Ooblets is farming sim/creature collection game with a ton of charm. The creatures that you “collect” (actually you have to grow them yourself) are called Ooblets, and they love to dance. They are the most adorable little squishy creatures that jump at the opportunity to do your bidding.


  • Grow crops on your farm and sell them in town
  • Build your team of ooblets, level them up, and unlock new dance moves
  • Style your character in a bunch of different outfits and accessories
  • Join an ooblet club to get your first little baby ooblet
  • Compete in dance-offs to earn new ooblet seeds and win tournaments
  • Expand and decorate your house from a dinky shack to a stately farmhouse
  • Get to know the townsfolk and befriend them if you’d like!

    (via Epic Games Store)

To get your hands on the game, head over to the Epic Games Store. If you purchase through Epic between now and July 23rd, you can get 20% off. You can also purchase the game for yourself or another on the official Xbox website, if that is your console of choice. There you will also find a free trial of the game.

Ooblets Trailer

More info

For more information on Ooblets, you can check out the official website. You can also follow the game on Twitter.


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    Ooblets Now Available On Xbox And PC