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Obakeidoro! – A Creepy, Cute Game of Cat and Mouse

svgOct 26, 2022NewsChelsea

The humans hide, the monsters seek!

A perfect game to get into the Halloween spirit, Obakeidoro! is playable by up to four players and has online or offline capabilities. So, grab your friends and play a spooky game of cat and mouse, and keep away from the monster.

The humans have three minutes to organize themselves, work together to escape the monsters, and run! Get captured, and you’re put into a locked cage. Your fellow humans must then push two buttons to release you. But be careful! If all humans are captured, they lose! However, the humans aren’t only limited to running. Each one carries a lantern that can be used to shine a bright light on a monster as it closes in. The light temporarily stuns the monsters, giving the humans more time to run and hide.

Obakeidoro! Isn’t limited to playing as humans, though. One player can also play as the monster! As the monster, use your skills to capture the humans and throw them in the locked cage. Remember, if you capture all humans, you win! Float through obstacles like walls and trees to get at the humans easier. Or even use the Track skill to find them. 

As you progress through the different levels of the game, players can unlock different lanterns they can then buy and use. Some even have special skills to help the humans avoid the monsters. You can also unlock different monsters to face off against, who also have different and new skills to use against the humans. 


Free to Play for a limited time through Trials for Nintendo Switch Online members 

Obakeidoro! Was originally released August 29, 2019, but right now it’s free to play for Nintendo Switch Online members through the Trials program. From Today, October 26th, 2022 to November 1st, the game is free to play. And there’s a handy little timer countdown on the game icon to keep up with how long it has left! Otherwise, you can buy the game on the Nintendo Switch shop

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    Obakeidoro! – A Creepy, Cute Game of Cat and Mouse