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Nintendo E3 2018 – Massive Space Reserved

svgFeb 12, 2018NewsMax

Nintendo is not known to blow it’s fans out of the water when it comes to the E3. However, last year Nintendo has put up a lot of effort into surprising it’s fans with a huge E3 event by celebrating Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This year the Nintendo E3 plans seem to be big. The floor-plan for this years E3 have finally been revealed. Sony and Nintendo will occupy the biggest spaces in this years E3 in Los Angeles. Putting Microsoft and other Publishers in the shadow. Rumors for Nintendos E3 plans have long been circulating around the internet. With recent analyst predicting an Animal Crossing Switch and Smash Bros Switch release this year.  It is safe to assume that Nintendo will also focus on the Online Service that is expected to launch in September of 2018.

Check out the reserved space for this years Nintendo E3 below.



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  • Kikki

    February 13, 2018 / at 10:06 amsvg

    It’s nice to know they’re planning something big. I’m sure others will not agree, but I hope it’s not Pokemon, since I have no interest in that series at all, but it’s so popular that it doesn’t seem unreasonable to think their focus might be that. I’d love if it was Animal Crossing…but has Nintendo ever put on a big show for AC at E3? I was trying to find any fuss made over New Leaf in 2010 or 2011 and have so far been unable to find any. Maybe if they’re planning on adding a lot more innovations to this iteration of AC than they usually do, but if it’s just going to be more of the same with only small changes, then I don’t think they’re going to base E3 around it. Even though I’m way more interested in that than any of the other games I consider more likely for them to focus on. It’d be interesting to get a surprise and actually see them focus on AC in 2018.

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    Nintendo E3 2018 – Massive Space Reserved