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Neon Noodles: Cyberpunk Kitchen Automation Coming Soon

Neon Noodles is a simulation and management game created by Vivid Helix. Much like Automachef, you’ll need to put together an efficient food factory, with a cyberpunk atmosphere, so that your robot chefs can get to work! Neon Noodles will be available on Steam Early Access here on November 29th, 2019. Furthermore, you can try out the free demo/open beta on Steam (Windows only) and expect regular updates to the game!

About Neon Noodles

Set in a dark and mysterious cyberpunk world, you are put in charge of the futuristic food factory known as Neon Noodles. Inspired by the open-ended machine-building puzzle games of Zachtronics such as Opus Magnum and Infinifactory, you design and build your own fully automated kitchen to prepare meals using robot chefs. Guacamole, bibimbap, ramen, spaetzle, paella and many more recipes are waiting for you to be optimized.

Key Features

  • Automate your robot chefs through an intuitive replay and record system where you control the robot that creates the program, then edit it later if needed.
  • Customize your cooking loops to be as simple, elaborate or streamlined as you want and compare your wits with other players around the world on the global leaderboards
  • Solve endlessly replayable open-ended puzzles with over 100 recipes from around the world consisting of 200 unique ingredients.
  • Travel the world and master the art of cooking through technological advancement in a cyberpunk setting filled with mysteries.

It seems that the developers are planning to bring Neon Noodles to consoles, release TBD. You can check out those details, and more, on their official website here.


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    Neon Noodles: Cyberpunk Kitchen Automation Coming Soon