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Neko Odyssey is the Purrfect Cozy Cat Game

Neko Odyssey by developer SECRET CHARACTER is for the cat lovers out there. Set out on a casual adventure in this beautifully atmospheric pixel art game where you take pictures of cats. Upload each of your photos to your social media in order to earn likes from your followers. As your popularity increases, your followers will even share tips on where to find more cats! 

It’s not as easy as pointing and shooting, though. Each cat in Neko Odyssey is different and may require you to establish a friendship first. That’s not all you get to do in this charming game, though. As you explore the town and find different cats, you’ll unravel a storyline full of mysteries about the town. The pictures you capture will help you unwind those mysteries as they contain necessary information about what’s going on! 

Release Date

Neko Odyssey is set to release on Steam sometime this year!

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    Neko Odyssey is the Purrfect Cozy Cat Game