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My Time At Portia – Console Version Differences

svgApr 15, 2019NewsReviewsKristen

My Time At Portia has officially been released on PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch! In this article, we are going to look at the key differences between the PC and Console versions as of the initial launch. Even though the two versions are very similar, there are some very noticeable differences on the console.

This review is based on an early Playstation 4 Version of My Time At Portia.

My Time at portia console

No Voice Acting

When I first sat down with My Time At Portia for PS4, I noticed a HUGE difference between the two games – NO voice acting. When you go into the character creation on PC, there is an option to choose your voice/accent but on console there is none. None of the characters have voices in the console version which is an interesting change.

Having played the game for over 40 hours on PC, I ended up reading everything in the voices I know and love. Even though I noticed no voice acting, I honestly preferred it. In the PC version, the voice acting isn’t complete and whenever a text box isn’t voiced, I feel like it takes me out of the game. With not having to worry about switching between the two and just sticking with no voices, I felt like this was a very good decision made my the developers.

My in-game husband Arlo has an Australian accent on PC but is now a silent, mysterious type.

Even More Breathtaking Graphics

In the PC version of My Time At Portia, there is major fog filter. I personally ended up modding the game to get rid of this fog which made the game a lot more crisp, colorful, and beautiful. The great thing about the console version of My Time At Portia is that there is LESS FOG! When I started up the game, I noticed that the colors on PS4 are way more vibrant than the PC.


As with any game switching from PC to console, there are major differences in the controls. Even though the controls were confusing at first, I quickly became familiar with them.

As of right now you are not able to change the key bindings on the controller. Jumping being “Circle” takes a little time to get used to as it doesn’t feel natural. It would be nice to change some of the keys as they were a little different than what I’m used to in games.

All the controls are conveniently labeled.

Long Loading Times

Unlike the PC version, the game on console has extremely long loading times whenever you enter/leave a building. These loading times can take you out of the game. However, as of last week the developers announced improved loading times on Nintendo Switch which may help. Hopefully they will be announcing the same for PS4 in the future.

Pre Order Bonus

As of right now, the PC version doesn’t come with the Housewarming gift set that came as a pre-order bonus for the console versions. The developers have mentioned adding something similar into the game so everyone can have access to the items in the future but there is no further information as of now.

My Time at portia pre order bonus

Final Thoughts

Overall, I was very impressed with the PC to console port of My Time At Portia. They made some really great decisions on eliminating voice acting and lightening the fog filter. These few differences have made such a big impact in the game that I would highly recommend switching to the console version.

My Time At Portia is available to purchase on the PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch e-shops. It is also available for purchase on Steam for those that want to stick with the PC version. Have fun exploring the beautiful world of Portia and Happy Gaming!


Kristen loves playing and writing about simulation, RPG, casual, and co-op games. When she’s not exploring a virtual world, she loves to travel internationally, enjoy yummy foods, and hang out with her husband and orange tabby cat.


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