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Mushroom Musume is a Cute Child-Raising Sim

Mushroom Musume by developer Mortally Moonstruck Games is a charming, but slightly spooky child-raising sim. Think Princess Maker or Volcano Princess, but instead, you’re raising a mushroom girl! As the story goes, there’s a lonely Recluse who has the overwhelming desire to raise a child of their own. One day, the strange Witch of the Woods wanders by and overhears the Recluse’s wish. She has a twisted sense of humor, though, and gifts the Recluse with a pot of dirt. That pot of dirt turns out to contain a mushroom daughter! 

Your job is to guide the Recluse through life as a parent. Parenting a human is no walk in the park, and as Mushroom Musume shows, parenting a mushroom isn’t either! Your choices shape her future and what type of mushroom she becomes as an adult. She’ll make her own choices, too, like angering the fae or falling in love. You’ll even unearth a vast fairytale world through your adventures. Collect memories, colors, music, and more in the Mushroom Almanac. Replay the game to discover all the possible endings, too! 

Release Date

Mushroom Musume is set to release on Steam in Q4 of this year!



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    Mushroom Musume is a Cute Child-Raising Sim