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More Story of Seasons Remakes May Be Upcoming

svgAug 20, 2019NewsKikki

Information has come out about Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. This reboot is to be the first Bokujo Monogatari game for Nintendo Switch. (It is the official remake of Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town.) Please note that None of this has been revealed to us by Marvelous themselves. Rather, we gathered this info from Reddit, from u/arehi_wnl. The information comes from two separate interviews with Mr. Nakano.

More remakes in the future?

ChinaJoy is a Chinese gaming convention that you could think of as their equivalent of E3. Some Chinese journalists interviewed Mr. Nakano, of the development team. They spoke of the upcoming Bokujou Monogatari game, set for release in Japan on October 11th. Some big news was revealed in this interview, including the fact that Marvelous will consider remaking more Bokumono games if this remake is successful.

New game still in development!

It was also revealed that a NEW Bokujou Monogatari game is still in the works. Those of us who have been pining for a brand new farming adventure can rest easy! The brand new Story of Seasons game we’ve been hoping for is indeed already in development.

And if that weren’t enough…

We even got a sneak peek at the final bachelor! Up until now, we only had the silhouettes of two brand new characters to go by, but a screenshot of the male candidate has surfaced. His name, it seems, is Brandon. He will live in Gotz’s house and may be the his apprentice. (From the picture we think he might actually be a sculptor, but the reddit post suggests that he is an apprentice. Maybe he is both an apprentice carpenter AND a sculptor?)


Many more juicy tidbits!

Between the two interviews, we got quite a lot of information. Here are some highlights:

  • The “Best Friends” system used in DS Cute for special characters is being brought back for SoS: FoMT, but in a bigger way. You will be able to choose to make a life-long best-friends bond with any character who is the same gender as your character.
  • It is not a straight remake of Friends of Mineral Town. SoS: FoMT is bringing together a few aspects of Back to Nature, DS Cute, My Little Shop, and newer games like Trio of Towns.
  • Some of Back to Nature’s events and festivals will be in SoS: FoMT
  • You will be able to choose ‘seedling’ or ‘veteran’ mode, as you could in Story of Seasons and Trio of Towns.
  • There will be no online connectivity.
  • Mines will have pitfalls instead of staircases.
  • There will be character customization.
  • Making money will be easier.
  • Animals from Harvest Moon: My Little Shop, with specialty products, like the chocolate chicken, chocolate cow and strawberry cow, will be in SoS: FoMT.
  • Some of the additional houses will have lightened requirements to unlock.
  • Rare crops will be just as rare as in the original.
  • Your inventory will have a larger capacity.
  • SoS: FoMT may have DLC (it’s under consideration)
  • There will be no motion controls
Mining in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town

As far as we know, Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town will be exclusive to Nintendo Switch. If this game is of interest to you, check out our initial coverage!


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  • James

    August 21, 2019 / at 7:32 amsvg

    I’d be all over Magical Melody. That was the first one that just clicked for me. It was that small addition of extra side things to meet that helped me pull through the mid-game slog. I did hit a sad bug: I got infinite money but it happened before I got the poverty note. I could never get them all on that play through. They could change how Jamie works for those who didn’t like that too.

    • Kikki

      August 21, 2019 / at 7:58 amsvg

      I only got into Bokumono fairly recently (around A New Beginning) but of the old games…hrm. I think Animal Parade is the best of them. But since I love collecting things, I love the idea of Sunshine Island’s plot. So I’d like to see them given a good polishing to smooth out the mechanics and give us shiny new graphics for all those great old games. Of course, fans of the actual originals don’t all agree! I know some people are really not digging the new designs of SoS: FoMT and want it kept truer to the originals.

      I…don’t really HAVE a nostalgia gland, lol, so I don’t think I’d be like that even if I had played them when they were newly released, but I do understand that it’s hard to have childhood favourites tampered with. I still don’t like the design of the new generation of My Little Ponies, let along Strawberry Shortcake and gang. (A little girl named STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE should never be *skinny*!)

      Honestly, whatever they remake, I will play. Pretty much for sure. I just love my happy country farm life sims 🙂

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