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Moonlight Peaks Demo Shows Off Decorating Options

If you’re unfamiliar with Moonlight Peaks, it’s an up and coming farming sim where you play the role of a vampire. You’ll practice making potions and casting spells, tend to some weird supernatural crops, raise adorable livestock, and more. And now there’s a demo! 

I played the Moonlight Peaks demo, and I’ll be honest, I’m disappointed. It’s too short and doesn’t let me play enough! The demo is effectively a decoration sim where you get to try out some farming, fly around as a bat, and cast some spells. It’s a delightful little taste of what’s to come, and I’m even more impatient to try the full game. The art is beautifully done. The creatures are supernatural looking, but cute. Crops are different and fun. 

The best thing about the Moonlight Peaks demo are the controls. The demo states upon loading that it’s best to use a controller, and it’s easy to see why. Movement is smooth. Switching between tools is easy, and decorating is so simple! Click a button and you enter the decoration menu, then you can pull items from your inventory to place all over the farm. 

Release Date

There’s currently no release date listed for this game. You can grab the demo and add it to your Steam Wishlist, though!


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    Moonlight Peaks Demo Shows Off Decorating Options