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Monterona – Build And Explore Charming Cityscapes

Monterona is a charming city building game by developer Slava Korolev. Similar in feel to games like Townscaper and Summerhouse, this game lets you build beautiful cityscapes while experiencing grandma’s stories. Unlock different buildings and decor as your progress through the game. And even explore different cities! 

This is another one of those perfectly cozy games that has no goals and no pressure. You simply build winding streets, lush gardens, and tranquil canals to create a gorgeous city. Monterona features an uneven grid system so you have the freedom to build how and where you want. Unlock new buildings and objects to help further your creative ideas. And as you build and create, listen to stories about grandma’s hometown. You can even go visit other players’ creations and explore their cities by walking through the streets! 

Release Date

Monterona is coming to Steam at some point. There is no exact date listed. However, you can add it to your Wishlist now to keep an eye on it!



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    Monterona – Build And Explore Charming Cityscapes