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Melatonin – A Dreamy Rhythm Game

Where Dreams and Reality Merge

Melatonin is a dreamy, colorful rhythm game where lines are blurred and dreams merge with reality. The game explores the relationship between what we dream while asleep, and what we experience while awake. With a hand-drawn and detailed visual style that implements a peaceful, but colorful palette, and music that flows well with gameplay and visuals, Melatonin is sure to provide a comfortable experience.

You’ll discover 20 unique levels across 5 chapters. Each level introduces a new song, too. Melatonin also forgoes using intimidating overlays, and instead uses animations and sound cues to keep you on beat. You can utilize Practice Mode to guide you through each level. There’s also a Hard Mode to unlock, for those who enjoy challenges. Or if you’re feeling lost, there are different assist features you can use to help you. And if you’re feeling particularly creative, Melatonin has a Level Editor where you can create your very own rhythm game level!

Available Now!

You can find Melatonin on Nintendo Switch and Steam. It’s also Steam Deck verified, and has a color mode calibrated specially for Steam Deck use. That makes this game perfect for on the go!

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    Melatonin – A Dreamy Rhythm Game