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Luigi’s Mansion 3 – My Hero, Polterpup

svgNov 7, 2019FeatureJoelle

Of course, you are probably all aware of this title that released just this past Halloween on the Nintendo Switch! I have been playing the game myself and do agree with other critics that it is the best game of the series to date in terms of graphics, gameplay including the new moves (Slam is my new fav), and Gooigi. Another significant addition that made all the difference, the game autosaves every time you walk through a door.

Playing with someone cooperatively as Gooigi reduces the time it takes to suck everything up and significantly helps in boss battles and when surrounded by ghosts. The best part, Gooigi can die via enemies and water, but he can always come back shortly after without using lives. With all of these exciting new features in Luigi’s Mansion 3, I wanted to take the time to focus on Polterpup, the star of the show, as he should not be overlooked.

Polterpup is Part of the Family

During the end of the second game, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon on the 3DS, Luigi actually adopts this lovable and hyper ghost-doggy, My heart melted when I started up the new title which has Luigi and co. riding the train to the Last Resort hotel along with the family pupper. Polterpup’s in-game bio is as follows: “A ghost dog who loves Luigi and is always by his side. He’ll come to Luigi’s aid when he’s in truly dire situations!” Every time Polterpup helps Luigi, I love to hear him respond with: “Aw, Polterpup” as lovingly as possible.

Instead of having to use your Dark-Light and chase this little troublemaker everywhere, his role is that of a guide. At the beginning, he will show you which buttons to press and when, as a sort of tutorial. Throughout the game your guide-dog will show you either the right direction to follow to complete your objective, or show you a secret spot with either money or gems to collect.


Polterpup Saves the Day

There still isn’t much to purchase with all of that cash you save up that is very useful, besides the Golden Bones again. Especially when you can only purchase so many until they’re sold out before needing to progress the story. When your health reaches 0 and you have a Golden Bone in your inventory, Polterpup will lick Luigi back to life and take the bone with him as payment. Although I know he would do it for free.

I had a lot of fun playing Luigi’s Mansion 3 and it was nice that this time around the levels were a little shorter, as well as the overall game. Which actually makes it perfect for the portability of the Switch. You can also use your joy-con motion sensors to make using your Poltergust G-00 surprisingly easier to use when changing directions. My only wish now is to get a spin-off all about Polterpup, and Polterkitty, on an adventure Homeward Bound-style!

I loved every minute playing this game from the wacky ghost shennigans to the sneaky Easter eggs, and of course every scene with Polterpup. I highly recommend you purchase the game on the Nintendo Switch eShop right now or you can grab it on Amazon for a small discount right here!


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