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Little Sim World Kickstarter Now Live

svgJun 7, 2024FeatureChelsea

Little Sim World is an adorable upcoming cozy sim that has been in development for several years now. Taking place in the center of London, this little life sim is more than just a game where you care for a person, but it’s an opportunity to shape that person and influence their story! Move into your rustic little home in the heart of London and take time to explore, work, collect items, decorate, and so much more. This game is packed full of all the sim features you could possibly want to create an exciting and engaging experience. 

Kickstarter Now Live

Now you have a chance to help Little Sim World by supporting their Kickstarter, which just launched today June 7th! There are an immeasurable number of games out there, but this one deserves the support from interested gamers so it can deliver all of the content that’s been promised. And the developer Blue Gravity Studios has already done some incredible work delivering on promised content so far! 

Start your new sim life by fully customizing your character with hair types, hair colors, clothing, and personality traits. Start your new life by moving into a rustic, cozy home, but visit the local DIY shop to buy stuff for house upgrades. Also explore a bustling piece of the city where you’ll find shops, NPCs, and even vehicle traffic. Stop in the gym to get your sweat on, or run around collecting coins to donate to the museum. There’s even fishing to be done in Little Sim World. Visit the quaint Grosvenor Canal to catch all kinds of fish. Or go chill at the library to read and learn something new. Perhaps even fall in love? The opportunities are nearly endless.

Every day isn’t all fun and games, though! You must manage your character’s needs for food, water, hygiene, even entertainment and comfort. Plus, a job is necessary to obtain funds for your decorating endeavors and expenses. So you must learn to balance everything well in order to achieve success, but this offers a truly excellent life sim experience. Never mind that the game’s visuals are absolutely charming and adorable. Throw in the dynamic weather and different seasonal changes, Little Sim World has a lot to offer and is well-worth backing on Kickstarter! 


Release Date

Again, the Kickstarter for this great sim game launches June 5th. There’s also a Steam page that lists the release date for the game later this year! 

Kickstarter is Now Live!

You can help developers unlock even more features by supporting their Kickstarter right here.


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