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Little Friends Dogs & Cats Receives Adorable New Trailer

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Nintendog fans, as well as anyone else who enjoys virtual animals will be in for a treat. Little Friends Dogs and Cats strives to capture the cuteness of the much beloved Nintendog franchise. Today the developers treated their fans with a meowtastic new gameplay trailer.

Little Friends Dogs & Cats is a Nintendog like game, it includes all the adorable features you would come to expect from a pet simulator. You can bath, walk and spoil your adorable furry friends. You will be able to dress up and pamper your dog or cat as much as you like. The Nintendo Switch touchscreen will also allow for petting and interactive gameplay with flying discs, balls and more. The game is filled with cuteness and with the portability of the console, you will be able to take your new friends with you wherever you go.

The game was already released in Japan back in December, 2018 – Sold Out games, publisher behind the game, spoiled us with a new gameplay trailer today and also recently announced that Little Friends Dogs & Cats will release on May 27th, 2019 in the west. You can already pre-order the physical version of Little Friends Dogs & Cats via Amazon. We are so excited about the game, if you are too, make sure to check out the brand new gameplay trailer below to tie you over until the official release at the end of this month.

About Little Friends Dogs & Cats

Little Friends: Dogs & Cats is a game in which you can spend each day with dogs and cats with lifelike expressions and behavior. Dog and cat raising simulation games are a popular genre, but this title implements new forms of communication by making full use of the features and faculties of Nintendo Switch. In addition to detailed visuals including modeling, animation, and fur, you can enjoy the feeling of true interaction with dogs and cats through HD Rumble.


Cute Dogs and Cats: Your Very Own Partner

The game features popular breeds of dogs and cats from both inside and outside of Japan. There are more than 40 hair color and pattern variations for each breed, as well as different personalities and animal cries.

Interaction through Joy-Cons: Various Gestures as You Become Friends

Through the vibration transmitted through the Joy-Cons and direct communication via touch panel controls, you can enjoy the feeling of true interaction with the dogs and cats. Touch them, pet them, pull their cheeks, feed them, or play ball. Getting to know them through various means of interaction and seeing new behaviors is one of this game’s key features.

Rooms and Costumes: Simple Sharing through Social Media

You can freely customize the design and layout of the room you share with your animal. Over 600 costumes and accessories are also being prepared. You can also take screenshots of your favorite rooms and costumes and easily post them to social media using the built-in functions of Nintendo Switch.

Grab your copy of Little Friends Dogs & Cats!


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    Little Friends Dogs & Cats Receives Adorable New Trailer