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Little Dragons Cafe – Story, Features, Gameplay Footage & More

svgMar 22, 2018NewsBrad

GameInformer recently got the chance to try out Little Dragons Cafe, Harvest Moon creator’s new game. In Little Dragons Cafe you and your twin are given the job to run the cafe after your mother falls asleep and isn’t able to wake up. You eventually meet with an old man and he shows you a dragon egg. Once the egg hatches, it’s up to you to raise the dragon and feed it. The old man seems to think this dragon will help the twins with their mother.


Exploring the island you live on is needed to obtain different ingredients for the cafe. Hunting the animals you see will help get the ingredients you need. Be careful though, because if one of these animals attacks you, they might take away some ingredients you’ve collected. Once your dragon gets older, it’ll help you fight off these animals you encounter. You can fish in Little Dragons Cafe too! Catching fish is pretty simple and those fish could be used in the cafe. There’s also recipe fragments to collect, each type of recipe having four needed to find. Once you collect all four, you can learn a new recipe!

Running The Cafe

The customers that visit the cafe will sometimes ask you for favors or give you their own recipe, depending on how happy they are with their time at your cafe. When cooking, you’ll play simple minigames to make the meal. These minigames will eventually get more difficult as you progress through the game.

More Info

Little Dragons Cafe is going to be available on the Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 this summer! For more on this game, watch some gameplay below.


For some addionalt information on Little Dragons Cafe, including pre-orders, head over here. A demo for another game by the original Harvest Moon creator, Happy Birthdays is out on Switch now, get caught up here.

Thanks to Kikki for the news tip!


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    Little Dragons Cafe – Story, Features, Gameplay Footage & More