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Link’s Awakening Remake Footage at Gamescom

svgAug 22, 2019NewsRiver

The most adorable remaster of LoZ: Link’s Awakening got some play time at this years Gamescom.

The remake of LoZ: Link’s Awakening is the cutest game that is soon to be on the market. The release is still set for September 20th, this year. If you follow myPotatoGames, then you already know that you can pre-order this charming title now and receive some cool swag, if you order through the UK store. This years Gamescom was full of great games that we got some in-depth looks at, like Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated.

The original Link’s Awakening was held in high regard for its unique story and went on to be one of the best selling games for Nintendo at that time. Now we get a sneak peak at the remake, and with less than a month remaining before release. The trailer shows just how much effort went into making this remaster just as delightful and darling as possible. For more information as well as the opportunity to pre-order this title (without the bonus goodies), you can head over to the official Nintendo website.

LoZ: Link’s Awakening remake at Gamescom

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    Link’s Awakening Remake Footage at Gamescom