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Kynseed Roadmap and Future Plans

svgJun 5, 2019NewsJoelle

If you haven’t already heard of Kynseed, it’s a “quirky sandbox RPG adventure life sim from veterans of the Fable series”. You can catch up with our previous post of Kynseed here, before diving into all of the most recent updates. Raise a family, farm the land, run shops, and explore the world as its inhabitants age around you by heading over to Steam now!

Now that the dust has settled from the Steam Early Access release back in 2018, the developers, PixelCountStudios, have begun taking everyone’s feedback and adding it their own plans. Thus, the Kynseed Roadmap was made. Below we have written up this map for you which covers both the short-term view of updates to come as well as a long-term view of the entire game. As you can see, some updates have already been implemented and completed which adds many more features and content to Kynseed!

Completed Updates

First Steps

  • Goods Store Selling Tables
    • Sell items for a profit
    • Stores have special “wanted” items
    • Region and Season can affect pricing
  • Player Hair Custimization
  • Initial NPC Chat System
  • NPC Friendship Levels
  • NPC Favour Requests
  • Fae Wanderers
  • Other Additions
    • Support for multiple saves
    • Save files display character & current season
    • Player created tasks system
    • Basic NPC ownership permissions

Down to Business

  • Blacksmith Ownership
    • Purchase the blacksmith shop by interacting with its ledger
    • Open & close shop
    • Create, sell, & recycle Blacksmith goods
    • Store crafted items in a shop cabinet
  • Fulfill customer orders
    • Greet customers at the counter before they get tired of waiting
    • Choose to either accept or refuse their order
    • If busy blacksmithing in the other room, you can tell customers to hang on to get a bit of extra time before they get impatient
  • Hire staff to run the counter
    • Locals can be hired to run the counter for you
    • Use the ledger to see available locals, hire them, set wages, or fire them
    • Some staff will have better traits than others
    • More in-depth staff management to come just a few updates from now
  • New Fairweather Items
    • Trough (to assist with pig-related chores)
    • Rootways (a magical way to get around)
    • Home Sweet Home (keeps your farm close)
  • Other Additions
    • Updated art for growables
    • NPC chat/favour improvements
    • Snow in Winter
    • New books & item collectibles
    • Dandelions can now be picked up for later uses

Gnome Pun Intended

  • New Region: Tir Na Nog
    • New items and collectibles
    • Mines containing rare ore
  • New Minigame: Squeal Or No Squeal
    • Hosted by Gnome Edmunds
    • Strategically pop pig balloons and try to strike a deal
    • A number of prizes up for grabs
  • Pixie Lottery’s Goods Store
    • Sells local Tir Na Nog goods
    • Also sells H. Pepper’s Naming Nut, a new item for renaming pets
  • New Hair Dye Items & Colours
    • Hair dyes are now an in-game item
    • This allows for changing hair colour at any time
    • Can be purchased at various stores across the land
    • Plus, a few new colours added!
  • Pugs! Because Pugs.
  • Other Additions
    • Return to Mr. Fairweather
    • Yearly Fairweather Tax
    • Lightning System Improvements
    • Pets can now be renamed when purchasing them
    • Added ‘the naming nut’, which allows for renaming already owned pets
    • Ambiance added for mines

Keyboard Cartography

  • New farm Mailbox Added
    • Receive a letter from us for each major update
    • (may break fourth wall)
  • Added Keyboard Remapping (via Options Menu)
  • Initial 3 items on new Cooking Skill Tree
  • Other Bits
    • Dev tools work (cutscenes, items, & navigation)
    • New dev tool: Skill Tree Editor
    • Spring Cleaning of unused textures & assets

Future Updates

A Song of Price and Hire

  • Goods Store Ownership
    • Sell various goods & animals
    • Barter with customers
    • Display Items
    • Feed & care for animals
  • Managing Hired Staff
    • NPCs have different job-related skills
    • Help keep employees happy
    • Employee skill will impact reputation
  • Gain Shop Reputation

Growing Up & Going Out

  • New Region: Loverwood
  • Player Aging to the Adult Phase
  • Romantic Relationships
    • Courting
    • Marriage
    • Moving in Together

Finally, it is important to note that this Roadmap is flexible so as to anticipate things that the developers can’t possibly predict. Each new batch of updates can take an estimated time of 3-4 weeks each and that is subject to change. The developers mention that catching up on bugs, working on behind the scenes engine systems, or addressing critical pieces of recent community feedback will be their priority.


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