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Kynseed Releases “The Big Build Update”

svgFeb 14, 2024NewsChelsea

If you’re unfamiliar with Kynseed, it’s a lovely farming sim that dives deeper and brings more to the table than most farm sims. Run your farm and customize it to your tastes. Run a business of your choice like a blacksmith, apothecary, or general store. Craft items, battle monsters, and get to know the townspeople. Even get married and raise children!

There is so much to do and experience in this gorgeous game, and now there’s a huge update called “The Big Build Update” that has recently been released. If you already own this game, the developers suggest you restart with a brand new character so you can get the full experience of all the new things.

The Big Build Update

The following is the huge list of content this update brings to Kynseed.

  • Customize the look of your farm’s interior and exterior.
  • Buy new farm plots.
  • A certain Fairweather item might also give you a further area to customize
  • New farm structures.
  • Repair structures like bridges to access new areas.
  • Fix statues and stalls to make travel and commerce easier.
  • Repair houses that can be destroyed by the encroaching evil creatures of the land.
  • New Axe and choppable trees for wood collection
  • New Stone resource.
  • Track all your progress through Progress Screen with a picture that fills in as you go.
  • 400+ challenges to complete
  • Items screen gives a breakdown of number found, total collected and the highest rating acquired.
  • Relationship screen tracks all current npcs and your relationship with them.
  • Story/Event keeps a history of parts of the game you have already discovered.
  • Shops give a brief overview of how your shops are doing.
  • Customization catalogue shows you all items you can unlock and what activities will unlock them.
  • New Noticeboard Tasks
  • Talent system means each NPC, including your children, has their own skill which can be used to your benefit.
  • New dialogue
  • New relationship cutscenes
  • The type of an NPC’s like/dislike can now be seen on their info
  • NPCs now travel between levels and have had other AI tweaks.
  • Your previous family can visit from time to time

Plus so much more! There are bug fixes, some story pacing adjustments, and batch crafting. Unlock proverbs, there’s a star rating for items, and a new instant message system that alerts you to events, tasks, and shop alerts for low stock. And there’s even more than that, which you can go check out on Kynseed’s Steam page!



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    Kynseed Releases “The Big Build Update”