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Kebab Chefs is a Fun Co-Op Cooking Game

Grab three of your friends and dive into an exciting co-op cooking and restaurant management experience in Biotech GameworksKebab Chefs – Restaurant Simulator! In this fun simulation game, you are in charge of a whole restaurant and everything that involves running a successful one. Design, cook, and serve customers to rise to the number one kebab shop spot! 

Grab the eye of potential customers with inviting designs and interesting decor. Customize the outside sign board to suit your restaurant’s style while also attracting new patrons. Use decorations, wallpapers, dining tables, and kitchen appliances to set the mood inside your eatery. Go for a traditionally cozy feel or a modern sleek design, or whatever else you like! 

Learn to cook numerous tasty dishes in Kebab Chefs, too. Variety is the spice of life, after all, and your diners will enjoy the options. So, learn how to make soups, appetizers, main courses, and deserts from all over the world. Then decide on the menu you think will best suit your customer base. Cook each dish to absolute perfection in order to earn the highest possible income. Work together with your friends to better achieve this goal, too! And when your day is over, head to the pub to chill with your friends to chat, listen to music, and play games to unwind after all your hard work running a restaurant. 

Release Date

You can find Kebab Chefs on Steam now! 


Fruitbus and Yum Yum Cookstar are both really cute casual cooking games!


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    Kebab Chefs is a Fun Co-Op Cooking Game