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How To Unlock The Able Sisters Shop In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

New Horizons is the first mainline game to not have the Able Sisters’ clothing shop right from the start. The only clothing you can initially purchase are shorts and some basic t shirts from the Nooklings. You can use the NookLink feature to scan QR codes and wear custom designs. But there are some super cool features in ‘store’ if you manage to get the prickly pair to open a clothing shop on your island. And so here’s how to unlock the Able Sisters shop in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

How To Get The Able Sisters To Open A Shop On Your Island

In order to unlock the Able Sisters clothing store, you will first need to get Mabel to visit your island. In order to do this, you will need to have upgraded your tent to a house, and built both the museum and Nook’s Cranny, which you can find out how to do here.

Upon first visiting Nook’s Cranny, you will overhear Mabel talking with the Nooklings. Mabel says that it isn’t all that difficult to get to your island, and that she would like to visit from time to time to sell her wares to island dwellers. She will then show up on your island a few days later.

Mabel can be found in the Plaza outside of Residents Services on Saturdays and Sundays, and on a random day of the week. On these days, she will be stood next to a little clothing stall. By speaking to her, you can purchase a small variety of clothing items. Before she decides to build a clothing store, you will need to have purchased 5,000 bells worth of clothing and bought 5 different items over the course of two different visits from her. You will also need to have upgraded the Residents Services tent into a building.


On her third visit to the island, she will tell you that she wants to open up a shop. She will then give you a ‘tailors construction kit’ which allows you to choose where to build the shop. It will take 48 hours for the Able Sisters shop to be built.

Features Of The Able Sisters’ Store In New Horizons

The shop will stock ‘recommended items’ that rotate daily, just like previous mainline games in the series

It will also have mannequins that display seasonal outfits. These will change less frequently than the store’s normal wares. However, you can still purchase items that the mannequins are wearing.

You can display any of your custom designs on the back wall of the store, as well as taking any that are already there.

To the right of the custom designs displayed on the back wall is a ‘Custom Designs Portal’ which you can use to ‘order designs from creators all over the world, and even share your own’.

And finally, the store has its very own fitting room. This is super handy as it shows you the different variations of clothing that are in stock that day.

It also allows you to try on clothes and ‘see how an outfit is coming together’.

Mabel mentions that the fitting room is where they put items that they don’t have space for.

This essentially makes it a catalogue. Another handy thing about the fitting room is that you can buy multiple items at once.

You can also choose to leave the store wearing any purchases, and the clothing you were wearing previously will be sent to your storage at home.

And on a final note, fans of continuity will be pleased to know that Sable is initially as unsociable as ever.

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