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How To Get K.K. Slider To Visit In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

First introduced in Animal Crossing for the Gamecube, K.K. Slider is an iconic special NPC appearing in all the mainline games since then. The good news is that New Horizons is no exception. However, it will take a little time and effort before you can meet him. Here is how to get K.K. Slider to visit in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Inititating Project K

Your first steps will be assisting Tom Nook with various tasks such as preparing for new residents, and upgrading the Residents Services tent into a building. Upon completing the Residents Services building you should go inside and speak to Tom Nook. He will confess to being a huge K.K. Slider fan, and would love for him to perform a concert on the island.

How To get A 3 Star Island Rating

However, you will need a 3 star rating for your island in order for it to be deemed good enough for K.K. Slider to visit. You can speak to Isabelle in order to find out your island’s rating, and get tips on how to improve it.

Increasing your island’s population should be your first priority. You will need at least 7 residents on your island to achieve a 3 star rating.


This can be done by building a campsite, and inviting any of its visitors to move to your island. You can also invite characters to your campsite by using Animal Crossing amiibo cards at the Nook Stop terminal. The amiibo card feature will be unlocked once you have visited Harv’s island.

Another method is to use Nook Miles Tickets to visit deserted islands. You may encounter characters there who can also be invited to your island.

Additionally, upon completing the Residents Services building, and inviting the first character that visits your campsite to move to your island, you’ll be able to sell plots of land for villagers to move into. Simply speak with Tom Nook inside Residents Services and for 10,000 Bells, you can pick a plot of land for a character to move into. This will encourage more characters to visit your campground and deserted islands.

Next, you will need to get rid of a load of weeds, and plant flowers and trees. You should also place fences and outdoor furniture, and speak to Tom Nook to build bridges and inclines.

As long as you keep checking in with Isabelle and follow her advice, she will eventually tell you that your island has a 3 star rating. Tom Nook will interrupt the conversation and inform you both that he is going to invite K.K. Slider to perform on the island immediately.

The Concert & Unlocking Terraforming

The next day, K.K. Slider will arrive on your island and perform ‘Welcome Horizons’. the game’s theme tune. After his performance, you will receive a copy of the song in your inventory. You will also then be given the Island Designer app on your NookPhone after speaking with Tom Nook. This will allow you to start terraforming.

Saturday Night Visits

After his initial concert, K.K. Slider will then visit every Saturday (some nice continuity), where you can find him in the plaza. At 6pm, he’ll start taking song requests from you. And just like in previous games, if you input one of his songs correctly, he’ll perform it for you. You will then receive a copy of that song. Alternatively, you can ask him to choose and he will simply play a song at random.

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