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Heard of the Story? – A Cozy Medieval City Builder

Create the City of Your Dreams

Heard of the Story? is all about forging your very own medieval town. With the help of your townspeople, you’ll embark on an adventure to transform a few sticks and pebbles into a beautiful, flourishing city. Or, you can sit back and watch as the townspeople live and thrive on their own!

All of the villagers in Heard of the Story? are highly intelligent AI who really feel alive and self-aware. Not only will they help you build your city into the perfect cottagecore village or bustling castle town, but you can watch as they discover their own passions, spread rumors, and even tell some interesting stories to each other. You can even form friendships with them.

In order to build up your dream city, you’ll need to cooperate with your villagers in gathering resources. Explore the mountains and forests beyond the city to find fruits and treasures, as well as other profitable items. Heard of the Story? even lets you discover and nurture your own craft! Discover new recipes through some creative genius or learn from the villagers. Specializing into a role, such as blacksmith, opens up new necessary items for you and your city. Once you’ve mastered the trade, perhaps start your own guild, too!

Coming Soon!

Heard of the Story? is coming to Steam and will be available August 17th.


The Wandering Village and Gourdlets are a couple of other great city-builders!


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    Heard of the Story? – A Cozy Medieval City Builder