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Guinea Pig Parkour – A Hilarious 2D Adventure

svgJun 8, 2019NewsRiver

Guinea Pig Parkour is a comical hand-drawn 2D platform game currently in development.

Squishy, fluffy and fuzzy guinea pig goodness! If you like tiny rodents getting into shenanigans, or are a fan 2D platformers by awesome indie developers, then we’ve got the perfect title for you. Guinea Pig Parkour is a 2D platform game that takes inspiration from such classic titles as Alladin and Earthworm Jim. However, this title puts a new spin on things by adding its own unique humor, as well as a cool 90’s themed level design.

The hand drawn levels add to the overall humorous tone that is one of the themes of Guinea Pig Parkour. We had a lot of fun with watching the hilariously drawn protagonist slam a drink of coffee and go zooming! The whimsical movements in the game are not restricted to the character, either, as we can see the environment you interact with behaves in much the same manner. The level designs, from what we could see, have a very silly feel, and look almost like they’re straight out of an episode of Rocko’s Modern Life. We can’t wait to see more!

With the super cool graphic design, and what looks to be some classic gameplay styling, we will certainly be keeping an eye on Guinea Pig Parkour. For more up-to-date information on this cute critter title, be sure to follow them on Twitter by clicking here, and don’t forget to check them out on Discord. If you like what you see, and would like to help the game reach its full potential, you can support Guinea Pig Parkour on Patreon by clicking here. For more 2D platform action, be sure to check out our coverage of Ayo The Clown by clicking here.

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    Guinea Pig Parkour – A Hilarious 2D Adventure