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Grimshire is a Cozy Farm Sim With A Doom and Gloom Twist

In Grimshire (from developers Acute Owl Studio, who also made Bone’s Cafe, your town has been enveloped in chaos. You barely made it out of there safely, but you did and have found the quaint village of Grimshire. It’s an isolated little mountain town full of friendly residents who are happy to welcome you to your new home. You are given an old farm and you get to spend your days tending to your farm, restoring the house, and more. Your idyllic peace is in danger, though. The plague is coming, and you need to work together with the community to survive it. 

The muted color palette of Grimshire really gives the feel of doom and gloom to this cozy game with a twist. Even the villagers are different, giving this game a great sense of uniqueness. The villagers, including your character, are anthropomorphized creatures. And the critters you can tame from the wild are fantastical looking creatures that will provide you with milk, eggs, and meat. Work hard to keep your root cellar stocked. Salt, pickle, can, dry, and smoke different foods to preserve them. Explore the valley and go fishing in the lakes, mine ore, and decorate your homestead. Befriend the villagers, 10 of whom you can romance. Help them gather resources and build up the town, or donate items for research to increase the odds of survival against the plague. 

Not everyone will survive the plague. Will you?

Release Date

This adorable game isn’t set to release until all the way into 2025. You can currently add it to your Wishlist on Steam, though!


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    Grimshire is a Cozy Farm Sim With A Doom and Gloom Twist