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Gourdlets Announces Release Window + New Demo

For those who are unfamiliar with this adorable game, Gourdlets is a sandbox city builder. It has no goals, no missions, and no end game objectives. You’re simply the architect of the world, building for little creatures called Gourdlets. Don’t worry, though, they’re chill and will love anything you make for them. Build a village, town, city, or whatever! It’s up to you to decide how to lay out the buildings and water features. Include cafes, lighthouses, parks, and much more to create the perfect living spaces. 

And now developer AuntyGames has announced a release window for the Steam version of the game! We can expect this lovely game some time this summer, and packed full of new features. Gourdlets now has our tiny little friends sleeping, doing laundry, making toast, and much more. Plus, there’s an idle mode where the game will sit at the bottom or side of your screen. Browse the internet or do work as your city creation does its thing in the background! There’s even a new demo available now on the Steam page for players to check out. 

Release Date

Again, Gourdlets is set to release on Steam at some point this summer. Plus, the demo is available on the Steam page for you to try. You can also find the game on itch.io! 

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    Gourdlets Announces Release Window + New Demo