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Goodbye World Is A Heartfelt Japanese Adventure Game

svgJan 25, 2022Indie HighlightNewsMax

Goodbye World features a narrative story that will capture you as it unfolds.

You follow programmer Kanii and graphics artist Kumade who are trying to make an indie game together. Much like in the sense of Eric, creator of Stardew Valley. The only big difference is, Kanii and Kumades game is not selling and fans are not playing their indie game.

The story picks up when Kanii is desperately trying to find a way to sell the game but Kumade is ready to makes a big decision.

Of course just like the developer of this game, I am not going to reveal more of the story as you will have to play for yourself to find out how the story is going to unfold.

Goodbye World is a charming indie game with a deep story that is as fun as it is emotional to follow, especially in a time like right now where many of the best games are made by small indie developers.


Goodbye World Release Date and Platforms

Goodbye World is currently available on Steam, there is even a free demo! you may also follow the developer on Twitter.

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    Goodbye World Is A Heartfelt Japanese Adventure Game