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Good Job Is Nintendo’s Surprise Game Release That You Must Play

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The airing of the Nintendo Direct Mini a few days ago was not the only surprise Nintendo had for us, in addition to the 25 minute stream the big N also revealed a brand new game and its hilariously adorable.

Good Job is Nintendo’s latest game that dropped out of the blue. The quirky gameplay trailer introduces us to a fast paced and fun gameplay much like Snipper Clips one of the launch games for the Switch.

Good Job Hilarious Action Puzzle Game

However in Good Job you strive to become the employee of the month and eventually climb the corporate ladder by fulfilling tasks efficiently and more importantly – quickly.

The game is listed as an action puzzle game, you will find yourself in a large office space with plenty of things you need to do. Complete puzzles in many different ways. Water the office garden and make flowers sprout, or spray the hose all over the office destroying everything in your way while still watering the garden, you decide how the job is done, keep in mind that you are working against the clock!


Once you start a game, you will be tasked to solve different puzzles within a given time frame, there won’t always be enough seconds left to do everything neatly. Getting from A to B might take too long so you will just have to break through the office walls in order to get your job done.

Good Job

Good Job Multiplayer

Of course most things are more fun together and Good Job is no exception. The game allows you to invite one other friend to join the chaos.

No words can describe how adorable and fun the game is when seen in action, lucky enough Nintendo released a perfect little trailer during yesterdays mini Nintendo Direct! Take a look below.

Play Good Job Now!

Not only was the announcement of the game a surprise but Good Job is also available now on Nintendo Switch for only $19.99 you can grab it here!

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    Good Job Is Nintendo’s Surprise Game Release That You Must Play