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Gnomes Garden: Lost King Releases on September 5th

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We love cute, affordable Nintendo Switch games, and are happy to bring another rapidly-approaching one to your attention. The first Gnomes Garden released onto Nintendo Switch at the end of 2018. We are now very close to the Switch release of another Gnomes Garden game, called Lost King!

Gnomes Garden: Lost King storybook screen.

Follow the story…

The Gnomes Garden games are listed as “strategy” games. You must plan out your moves carefully to be able to complete each level before the time runs out! But because time is such a big factor, we also feel that these games qualify for the time-management genre. Like its predecessor, Gnomes Garden: Lost King is an affordable, family-friendly game that operates on a basic story. You are the queen, and your husband went out to hunt, and he doesn’t come back! You must go find him. And the path is full of obstacles!

…past all the obstacles!

Gnomes Garden: Lost King level screenshot with tasks

Gameplay in the Gnomes Garden game is quite simple, but becomes difficult more quickly than expected. In some levels you will need workers to clear some obstacles. So if the first thing you did was not to add another worker to the hut, you won’t have enough help to clear obstacles to other important points on the map. If that happens, you’ll fail to get through on time and have to restart the level. Or maybe on another level you’ll need a magician. Or perhaps you’ll need to build bridges, which makes resource gathering as important as bringing in more workers. Each level has different challenges, so you can’t use the same strategy every time.

Perform with skill

Gnomes Garden games are simple but quite diverting. And if you’re goal-oriented, Lost King has lots of trophies to earn. Aim for the best possible performance and you’ll be able to admire the results of your accomplishments any time you like.

Gnomes Garden: Lost King trophies page

Gnomes Garden: Lost King will release on the Nintendo eshop on September 5th, for $9.99. If you’re eager to try your wits against the many tasks on the road to your goal in Gnomes Garden, you can buy the first game on the eshop for $4.99 right now! In the first game the king falls ill because his beloved garden has withered, so his daughter must save the gardens to save her father. (We must say…this Gnome King sounds like a high-maintenance kind of guy!)

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    Gnomes Garden: Lost King Releases on September 5th