Cute and quirky Christmas gift ideas for casual gamers

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Cute and quirky Christmas gift ideas for casual gamers

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Gift ideas for casual gamers

Are you struggling to think of Christmas gift ideas for casual gamer friends? Looking to treat yourself with Christmas money?Look no further as we’ve compiled a list of the most cute and quirky Casual Gaming merchandise currently on the internet.

Animal Crossing

Know a cheapskate or a workaholic? (Or just an Animal Crossing fan will do I guess..) Buy them a Tom Nook or Isabelle pin from Etsy, starting at just £7.73 each

Do you have friends who are like me and are forever losing their ID card for School/Work/Uni (amongst a variety of other things..)? Does their obsession with Animal Crossing: Pocket camp have you concerned for their welfare? Perfect. Buy them a Pocket camp lanyard from Etsy for only £6.95.


PREORDER-- Animal Crossing - Pocket Camp Lanyard

It’s-a me Mario

Buy them a Mario Rainbow GP t shirt to remind them how much they suck at Rainbow Road (or Mario Kart in general ?) and how much they hate that course. It can be bought from for $20. Tip: Consider complimenting this purchase with a Rainbow Road pin and poster (conveniently sold by the same website) to really make them hate you.

Rainbow GP

Or purchase them an adorable Piranha Plant or Bowser hand puppet, giving them the ability to munch on random stranger’s hair and blame it on the puppet! (Tip: Don’t do that unless you want to look like a weirdo and risk get a slap). These mischievous puppets can be bought from Think Geek for $19.99 each.

Super Mario Piranha Plant Hand Puppet - Exclusive

Pixel Perfect

With these 8-bit soaps, you can hint to grimy gamer friends that showering in The Sims doesn’t count! The soap can be bought from Think Geek half price for just $12.99, a small price to pay to assist the most pungent of players.

8-Bit Soap Set

Stardew Valley

Know a stylish Stardew Valley fan? Buy them a seasonal Stardew Valley Fair poster or a pretty Pelican Town poster (or both, if you’re feeling particularly generous) to brighten up their bedroom. The posters are available on (which has loads of cool gamer stuff) for a reasonable $15 each.


How about gifting some of the super cute Ooblets merch which is also available from There are Ooblets pins, t shirts, stickers and an amazing poster up for grabs!

Clickyclaws Pin

(Is it just me who thinks that Clickyclaws looks funny? ?)


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    Cute and quirky Christmas gift ideas for casual gamers