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Flotsam Steam Early Access Date & New Trailer

svgAug 8, 2019NewsJoelle

Pajama Llama Games, the developers behind Flotsam, along with the publishers Kongregate, have just announced that the game will be coming to Steam Early Access on September 26th, 2019! Wishlist this unique town-builder on Steam right here and be one of the first to attempt to survive on the ocean in a post-apocalyptic world! You can check out our previous article on Flotsam here in case you missed it.

The old world has flooded and the driftwood, flotsam or garbage can be recycled by your drifters then turned into boats and buildings. Explore ruins, other small islands, and submerged cities to find items to salvage or people that may want to join your town. You can do this via boats, by swimming, or even by unfurling your sails and moving your entire town (which is usually anchored). Help your drifters to collect rainwater, fish for food, have storage for those resources, by building various workshops and tools. Watch as your drifters construct step-by-step in detail but make sure they’re all taken care of by keeping an eye on their meters, just like the Sims! Continue to build more efficient structures, homes, and other fun stuff as your floating town grows. You can even control the layout of your town and therefore make it your own!

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Follow the developers on Twitter here so you can stay afloat be apprised on the latest features with concept art and videos. You may also want to download these awesome wallpapers from the official website here, as seen below. Enjoy their colorful and quirky art style, including the most dashing of seagulls, right on your desktops!

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  • James

    August 8, 2019 / at 9:36 amsvg

    I highly approve of their pun title for the video

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    Flotsam Steam Early Access Date & New Trailer