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Fishlets: An Enjoyable Aquarium Experience

If you’ve been searching for a relaxing aquarium game, then look no further, because Fishlets will fill that hole! Indie developer Pixlin not only brings this beautiful aquarium to life, but also lets you pick between the casual mode and an adventure mode. Adventure mode offers an exciting, active play that requires hands-on attention. You’ll complete 7 unique levels that unlock different types of fish, critters, and decor items. The casual game mode lets you simply raise fish and decorate their environment! 

Fishlets has over 48 fish with over 350 different color variants for you to unlock and collect. There are also other critters for you to collect, though. Snails, shrimp, and even axolotls are available to add to your tank. Plus, you can decorate the aquarium to your heart’s content with fun items like a pineapple house and plants your aquatic friends will love. Once you’ve gotten the tank how you want it, sit back and watch your creatures swim in peace and harmony!

Release Date

Fishlets is coming to Steam May 13th! There’s also a demo available so you can try before you buy.

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    Fishlets: An Enjoyable Aquarium Experience