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First Little Dragons Cafe Screenshot released

svgMar 19, 2018NewsMax

Harvest Moon creator Yasuhiro Wada is working on a new game called Little Dragons Cafe. Announced only a few weeks ago, the game received it’s first set of adorable screenshots. The game is published by Aksys Games and will be released on Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 this summer. For more information and the official announcement of Little Dragosn Cafe head over here.

You can pre-order Little Dragons Cafe here. And the limited Edition here.

Harvest Moon Light of Hope is also coming to Nintendo Switch very soon, check out the latest here. Yasuhiro Wada is also bringing Happy Birthdays to the Switch, check out the adorable trailer here.





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  • Kikki

    March 19, 2018 / at 2:31 pmsvg

    I’ve been waiting to see screenshots of this game. When I saw that last one, I thought for a second that it was My Time at Portia but…that is actually a very unusual style. I haven’t played one that looks like it, yet. The backgrounds remind me a little of Battle Chef Brigade in that it looks very hand-drawn, but the characters have a different style…it makes the game look sort of like it was laid down in slices. (I don’t actually know what I think of it…it’ll need to sink in…)

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    First Little Dragons Cafe Screenshot released