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Features That Would Improve Animal Crossing: New Horizons Even Further

It’s true that MyPotatoGames posted an article on things that fans would like to see in the game. However, some of these have now been fulfilled. Additionally, as a few months have passed, players have noticed more things that would make the gameplay experience more enjoyable. Whether it be slight glitches, some multiplayer issues, spontaneous travelling merchants, etc, there are definitely a few more features and improvements that players would like to see.

I took the effort to ask fans what features they would like and improvements that could be made. There’s no denying that the game is extraordinarily entertaining, but take notes Nintendo, as I received hundreds of responses. 😂 Here are some features that would improve Animal Crossing: New Horizons even further.

Nintendo did promised us at least three more years of updates coming to New Horizons so hopefully we will be seeing at least some of these features in the game one day!

General Island-Related Features To Improve Gameplay

  • Having two separate options when terraforming (build and destroy) to save so much time, effort and frustration, and lessen the chance of a Switch console being yeeted out of a window.
  • Campers being able to roam around your island when visiting
  • Having more items on sale in Nook’s Cranny
  • Not being followed around by Mabel and the Nooklings when browsing in their shops (social distancing is a thing guys! Don’t make me get my yard stick!) 😂
  • Allow bridges and inclines to be built the same day
  • Return of the Jedi ever so slightly creepy gyroids.
  • An island planner (like the ones online) that make laying paths, terraforming, relocating things, etc, easier
  • Being able to relocate the town square. Many players have unfortunately ended up with theirs very close to the airport. However, that’s not to say you can’t work around this. As these awesome island entrances demonstrate:

Features From New Leaf That Would Be Nice

  • Being able to swim in the sea (and look around underwater) 🏊
  • Furniture series such as the Mermaid Series, Princess Series, various Sanrio sets, etc. 😔
  • The introduction of more shops. I miss GracieGrace‘s furniture and clothing, as well as Leif’s gardening store 😭
  • Minigames/multiplayer minigames like on the New Leaf island tours
  • Animals popping over to your house, or scheduling times to come and visit
  • The return of the dream suite, or introducing a similar feature

Features From Pocket Camp That Would Be Nice

  • The addition of cute and quirky hairstyles and wigs from Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
  • The addition of cool items from Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. For example the cute tents, swings, ferris wheel, treehouse etc.
  • Animals being able to chill in pools, play on things, and interact with more items like they can in Pocket Camp

Characters From Previous Games That Need To Return

  • Pete (so I can shoot him down with a slingshot muahaha)
  • Tortimer (and his minigames)
  • Brewster (and The Roost)
  • Katrina
  • Pascal
  • Kapp’n
  • Phyllis. (She is my spirit animal)

Features Regarding Visiting NPC’s

  • A genie’s lamp to trap Wisp the absolute pest in
  • Map markers to show where islanders and NPC’s are located on your island. (Celeste deserves to be featured in the Guiness World Records for best at hide and seek).
  • The ability to use Mom’s tissues to wipe Daisy-Mae’s snotty nose
  • A GPS ankle tracker for Gulliver (please!)
  • Bail Redd out of jail so he actually visits my island again


  • The option to muzzle islanders who sing for two hours straight. JK. Kinda..
  • New dialogue for characters, as it can be quite repetitive
  • Give the animals a bit more personality
  • Getting more requests from animals, and receiving more interesting tasks
  • Allowing more villagers to inhabit your island. There’s just too many cute ones! Fans have suggested 12-15 would be a reasonable amount.
  • Having animals remember you if they leave and then move back in


Isabelle – (Yes she gets her own section 😂)

  • The ability to sack Isabelle make Isabelle use a swear jar, or rather, a ‘no-one-cares-that-my-new-magazine-arrived-or-that-I-found-a-missing-sock’ jar.
  • Have announcements from Isabelle when travelling merchants and special NPC’s such as Flick, Saharah, and Redd (when he does..😠) are visiting
  • Apart from news-that-isn’t-news, and the occasional announcement, Isabelle doesn’t really do a lot. Somebody give that poor doggo a purpose!

Features That Would Save Players Time And Effort

  • The ability to batch craft items
  • Being able to bulk buy items such as customization kits
  • Purchasing multiple items at once in the Able Sisters’ changing room
  • Stronger tool durability, or at least making golden tools indestructible like in previous Animal Crossing games
  • Being able to order more than 5 items from the shopping catalogue each day (I’m a shopaholic okay?!)
  • Being able to rotate the camera 360°
  • Having a bank card to use when shopping to avoid having to withdraw bells from the ATM in Residents Services

Storage & Space

  • More storage space in your character’s home
  • Being able to store DIY materials in workbenches to save on storage space
  • Being able to store clothing and accessories in wardrobes to also save on storage space
  • The ability the access your storage when outside of your home
  • Being able to put flowers (stems) in storage. You can put three monster statues, a teacup ride, three jungle gyms, two oarfish and a shark in storage, but heaven forbid you try to store one white cosmos plant
  • Bigger side (and back) rooms in your house

DIY Recipes

  • Being able to slap that duplicate DIY recipe out of an animal’s hand when they force you to take it. Kindly being able to decline duplicate DIY recipes offered by crafting animals.
  • Actually being able to put DIY recipes in your storage
  • Or introducing a storage box (or something similar) to store DIY recipes
  • More frequent balloon presents and message bottles containing DIY recipes

Fun Features

  • A museum gift shop (as has been hinted)
  • A Nintendo app to link to the game that tracks steps (like the 3DS pedometer), and then rewards players with in-game items for exercising. (Two owls birds with one stone!).
  • A feature that allows players to cook! (all of the darn Sea Bass)
  • I wanna be able to kick the soccer ball and move about with it.. 🥺
  • Being able to do things like play minigames on the switch console items
  • The ability to participate in activities that islanders can do. For example, yoga, weight-lighting, tea-drinking in the square, dangerously running around with sticks in my hands, etc. Just the normal stuff 😊

Decor-related Features

  • Being able to place rugs outside in order to save design slots for picnic blankets
  • The ability to decorate the interior and exterior of islanders’ houses
  • Custom paths making pattering noises like the other paths
  • Being able to make and design public buildings like in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer
  • The ability to place items at an angle
  • More bridge and incline designs to choose from

Multiplayer, Dodo Airlines & Glitches

  • Improved, reliable, online gameplay with faster travel and less oopsies (we do pay for it with Switch Online after all)
  • The option to tie Orville’s beak together skip/speed through the chitter chatter when travelling with Dodo Airlines
  • Being able to open and close your gates remotely. It’s a pain when you forget to close them and then can’t terraform until you trek to the airport
  • The ability to hop from one island to another without having to fly back to your island first
  • Less glitches

Whilst it’s almost definite that not all of these features will be implemented, it would be fantastic if even a few of them were.

Please and thank you Nintendo 🙂

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