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Farmwand Character Demo Now Available

Farmwand is the absolutely charming indie game by developer Irreverent Software that nails the nostalgic storybook feel. It’s a farm sim at its heart, but has some magic sprinkled in. Explore a world inspired by classic fairytales as you get to know the locals, brew potions, discover magical creatures, and more. The world is ripe with a deep lore for you to uncover while you get to know the townspeople or spend leisurely days on your farm!

You play as a fresh graduate of the Wizarding Academy. You’re finally ready to face the world and start your own life. Settle on a lovely plot of land where you can start your very own farm where you can grow dozens of crops, raise chickens and cows, and plant some beautiful flowers. But simple farming isn’t all there is to the game. You can fully customize your character and your home. Utilize spells and potions throughout your adventure to help you solve puzzles or even help (or annoy) the townspeople. They’ll also come in handy to defeat enemies out in the world! 

Of course, you’ll have a chance for a more chill experience with talking to the townsfolk and building relationships. There are creatures and characters, non-magical and magical, to interact with. Some of them might even catch your fancy and make the perfect partner! Collect various resources across Farmwand to use in your crafting recipes. And don’t forget about the pets. You can befriend cute critters and magical creatures who will need your love and care. Dress them up in adorable outfits, and just show them your love through pets and hugs. They love it! 

Demo Now Available

The two person team over at Irreverent Software have been hard at work building this beautiful game. They’ve just released a demo that lets you take a look at the character customization options. I’ve been following the development of this game for some time now and I’m so excited to have the chance to see even just a touch of what’s to come. And this demo is adorable! 


While a simple and short demo, this is a great look at how you’ll start Farmwand. You’re greeted by Augustus Mysticus Turnip, who interviews you about your character. You’ll choose important things like your name, age, and preferred pronouns. You’ll also choose things that I assume will affect how your game plays or what your character is like. For example, you get to choose which academy you graduated from and each one seems to have a specialty. 

Plus, your major will likely affect what skills you’re good at in game. You also get to pick some background information, how you prefer to play the game (chill, challenge, or what I assume is the middle road), and whether you’re ok with insects or not. My guess is that the last choice will determine if you see insects in your gameplay or not, which is cool! My favorite choice to make, though, is your house. There are 4 different adorable options and I love them all. And of course you get to design your character by picking skin color, facial features, body shape, hair style and color, and clothing. 

I won’t spoil everything about the demo because you should go grab it! It’s free on Steam, where you can also Wishlist the game. 


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    Farmwand Character Demo Now Available