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Family-Friendly Games on Nintendo Switch in August

svgAug 9, 2019FeatureKikki

It’s not always easy to find games that adults and children want to play together. But today we have a selection of cute, affordable games coming out on Switch in August. Each one is rated either E or E10+ and look like tons of fun no matter your age.

The original Ittle Dew

First up is Ittle Dew, due out in a week, on August 15th. The Switch library already boasts Ittle Dew 2+, so bringing the original Ittle Dew to the same console seems like a smart choice. Ittle Dew is a puzzle-solving action adventure game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. There is no grand plot to save the world in this one! Rather, Ittle Dew and her magical fox friend, Tippsie, crash onto a weird island filled with loot, and simply cannot resist the call of adventure. Oh, and loot. Loot’s okay, too. This game is just as silly and fun as it was when first released in July of 2013!

AER Memories of Old

Second on our list of August Switch releases is AER Memories of Old. AER is a beautiful game about a world in fragments, about to lose itself to the darkness. You are one of the last shapeshifters, and so one of the few who can take to the sky to soar from floating island to floating island in an open world with a vibrant yet simple beauty. Explore the islands and ruins and temples to uncover what you may do to save your dying world. AER will release on August 28th.

Bubsy: Paws on Fire!

The final contestant on our list of August Nintendo Switch releases is Bubsy: Paws on Fire! Releasing just a day after AER, on August 29th, it, too, is a visually striking game. Just as cute as Ittle Dew, but with the smooth graphics of an animated cartoon; it reminded us a little of Bonkers. (“Totally nuts!” Anyone else remember that blast from the past?)


This action-adventure platformer game will let you choose from four different characters, each with different skill sets. You can even customize them! Different costumes are available for each character. Can you get through all 100 levels?

If these family-friendly games appealed to you, especially AER, check out Kumo: A Boy in the Clouds.


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    Family-Friendly Games on Nintendo Switch in August