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Fall Guys – Hopeful Switch Release / Update Imminent

The developers of Fall Guys have mentioned that they would love to bring their game to more platforms.

With the instant success that Fall Guys has seen, it comes as no surprise that the developers are considering brining their game to more consoles. The adorable and wacky battle royale is great fun for all ages, and would totally fit on the most family oriented of consoles, the Nintendo Switch.

The developers also mentioned that they are currently focused on making the PC and PS4 versions as fun and functional as they possibly can before bringing it to new consoles.

Fall guys update

Help pick the platform!

They did announce, however, that they would like fan feedback when it comes to deciding which platform to bring the game to next. Fans of the game can visit the Fall Guys Discord or Twitter to voice their opinion on the matter.

And speaking of making the game as best as they can on current consoles, the devs also recently mentioned that the new update for the game will, most likely, be ready tomorrow, August 13th, 2020.


Fall Guys Launch Trailer

All of this info comes from the Fall Guys official Twitter account, which you should be following if you love Fall Guys! For more information on the game, you can check out the official Fall Guys website.

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    Fall Guys – Hopeful Switch Release / Update Imminent