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Explore the Seas in Dolphin Spirit: Ocean Mission

In Dolphin Spirit: Ocean Mission, you’re on holiday on the beautiful tropical island of Maupiroa. Your vacation isn’t going to be easy, but you have your grandpa to lean on for help, as well as the other island inhabitants! Embark on an amazing adventure to learn about the folklore and traditions of the island to save it from destruction. Immerse yourself in the heritage of your ancestors to uncover the secrets of the magic totems. 

Dive into the depths of the sea and explore with your dolphin friend Keanu. Discover the hidden treasures as you explore the gorgeous, colorful underwater landscapes. You’ll learn about marine life and ecology. Take time to help the inhabitants of Dolphin Spirit: Ocean Mission with conservation efforts. Figure out how to preserve the endangered lives of marine life by using your powers. Even take pictures of all the critters you come across in to fill out your codex!

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This beautiful game is releasing in just 3 short weeks on September 28th! You can find it on Steam, Epic Games, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation.

For more ocean exploration, check out Beyond Blue. And if you want more creature photography, try Alba: A Wildlife Adventure!



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    Explore the Seas in Dolphin Spirit: Ocean Mission