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Dreaming Isles Lets You Set Sail on An Adventure

Dreaming Isles by solo developer YawningDad is an upcoming cozy life sim perfect for discerning players looking for more than just farming! You find yourself shipwrecked on an island with an abandoned farm. You possess no memories of your past, but you’re determined to not only survive, but thrive on this unfamiliar island. 

Set out on an exciting adventure full of farming and sailing as you explore a variety of different islands in Dreaming Isles. Restore an old, abandoned boat to set sail in the open seas. Side with the pirates of the Global Trade and take down the other organization by using the cannonballs you grow and craft. Yes, grow! Your crops are unique and can be used as ammo in your conquests! Plus, you’ll learn spells that will help you in your adventures. Just don’t forget to get to know your fellow islanders. You might even fall in love! 

Release Date

Dreaming Isles will release on Steam some time this year. The developer plans to release it on the Switch and Xbox if there’s enough interest! 

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    Dreaming Isles Lets You Set Sail on An Adventure