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Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Nintendo Direct Mini Trailer Announces Release Date

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Forge Friendships with Disney and Pixar Characters in this Life-Sim

We have even more great news from the recent Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase for those that love games that include established beloved cartoon characters from other franchises. Disney Dreamlight Valley is a simulation and adventure game where you create your very own avatar and solve puzzles and encounter challenges in order to rescue Disney and Pixar characters and bringing them back home.

With the help of the new residents, you can collect, craft, and rebuild the Valley. The neighbourhood is yours to fully customize with creative landscaping and thousands of themed decorative items. This even includes the interior of your very own home where you can use bought items or the Touch of Magic tool to create your own designs. Furthermore, you can hangout with NPCs such as Goofy, Rapunzel, Buzz Lightyear, Moana, and more while fishing, cooking, gardening, etc!

Releasing in Early Access September 6th, 2022 on all Platforms

Disney Dreamlight Valley launches on all platforms September 6th, 2022 in Early Access. You may be wondering how you can play an Early Access game on the Nintendo Switch. The answer is with a Founder’s Pack. More on that will be announced in detail at a later time. For now, you can Wishlist the game on the Nintendo eShop here, or get more information on the other platforms here. The full launch date (out of Early Access) is still sometime in 2023.

You can also expect to be able to continuously check back for more in-game content with its live service. Meet new characters in the Valley, check out the latest clothing and furniture collections in Scrooge’s Store, and complete challenging in-game events! Hopefully, Disney Dreamlight Valley will be our latest fixation for a while to come since Animal Crossing: New Horizons.



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    Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Nintendo Direct Mini Trailer Announces Release Date