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Developer of Platypus Adventures Shares Details & Early Screenshots

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Platypus Adventures is an action-adventure, story-driven single-player game currently in early development by solo developer David Richards. We here at myPotatoGames spoke with the creator himself during an interview about some of his future plans and things he is currently working on. David Richards was inspired by the Australian beauty that surrounds him and wanted his artwork to feature that subject matter to which he is deeply passionate. All characters in the game will be anthropomorphic animals based in Australia. The platypus is an extremely iconic animal in his hometown, and since they happen to be his favorite, wanted to raise awareness on these beautiful creatures.

You mentioned the animals will be anthropomorphic. Do they speak?

David: The sound they make is a single localisation and not an entire spoken sentence. You’ll see the translation of sorts via speech bubbles above their heads. I’ve effectively recorded a bunch of vocal cues from voice actors to date.


Is there a story? Does this platypus have a long journey ahead?

David: The game has some sci-fi themes and some darker themes which I haven’t touched on yet. It’s a relatively short game that could last about 2.5 hours.

What kind of gameplay mechanics or actions players can perform?

David: There’s swinging, climbing, swimming, sliding and a whole lot more! There’s this whole action side that includes combat, that I haven’t really shown off yet. For the most part, the gameplay consists of environmental hazards which are all completely unique to each area. Exploration is key here as there will be no mini-map or anything like that. Meaning, you have to guide yourself around the world using real visual cues in-game.

Are there any secrets for the players to discover?

David: Yes there are huge secrets! Some are even very hard to find. So hard actually, that I don’t expect people to ever find them. Others are more obvious, and are supposed to be seen. For example: I’ve signed my name in the game, and I’ve got a little shout-out to the love of my life in there too, etched on a rock.

Are planning to release Platypus Adventures on PC?

David: PC for sure. I’m looking into some pretty big prospects, which could allow me to do a console release too however this would probably add at least another year of development time.

Follow the progress of Platypus Adventures on Twitter here and on the Discord channel here. For other interviews with game developers, check out our article here: Critter Cove: An In-Depth Interview on this Cute Adventure on the High-Seas. If you love Australian wildlife, check out these articles here: Dinkum – Explore an Island Inspired by the Wild Australian Outback and TY the Tasmanian Tiger Coming to Switch Thanks to Successful Kickstarter.


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    Developer of Platypus Adventures Shares Details & Early Screenshots