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Stardew Valley Update Adds A New Mystery

svgNov 27, 2019NewsJoelle

As I mentioned earlier today, the 1.4 update of Stardew Valley is out now (November 26th, 2019) on Steam with the consoles update not too far behind. Creator ConcernedApe has posted a full Changelog here that includes many improvements, bug fixes, better controller support, some multiplayer changes and so much more! Let’s take a closer look at the biggest changes!

New End Game Mystery

While there are tons of new changes that can be enjoyed at any point in the game, there is a new end game mystery for players who have been playing on the same farm for now… well years!

I don’t know exactly what the end game mystery entails but rumors have it that it involves an abandoned building! How exciting!

New Fish Ponds

These have been teased for some time now! the new fish ponds can be build on your own farm and populated with fish! This is a wonderful addition to any fishing fan as you can now cast your rod right in your front yard and reel in some fish!


181 New Shirts, Hairstyles and More!

To further express your creativity and own personality ConcernedApe somehow managed to add a whopping 181 new Shirts, 35 hats, 14 pants and 24 new hairstyles. This will let you style your character with an almost unlimited set of possibilities.

Of course there are also new decoration items for your farm and your home. Eric added a more than 50 new decorative items including floors and other little things to make your farm even more beautiful!

New to Stardew Valley?

If you haven’t already played Stardew Valley and this new update piques your interest, you may want to hop over to Steam now and get in on that 10% discount that ends December 3rd, 2019! Moreover, Stardew Valley is part of Steam’s Remote Play Together due to its multiplayer function. Download the Steam Link App for your mobile device and play together online!

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Stardew Valley Fish Pond


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    Stardew Valley Update Adds A New Mystery