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Deals You Won’t Want To Miss On Amazon Prime Day

svgJul 15, 2019NewsRiver

These deals are only for today and tomorrow, so go now for all your gaming needs.

With such wonderful deals on all kinds of gaming supplies, we thought it might be wise to compile a list of our favorites from this years Amazon Prime Day(s). The sale is just for two days, and includes some pretty amazing discounts on some pretty awesome goodies we thought you might want to know about. The sale is just for Amazon Prime Members, so now there is no better to time to sign up. With these deals, the membership could easily pay for itself.

Deals for all consoles!

That’s right! All Amazon Prime members now have the ability to purchase a brand new Nintendo Switch (grey joy-con model) console and receive a free $35 Eshop card with their purchase. For more about this amazing deal, you can click here. The grey joy-cons have also been discounted to $60, and colorful joy-cons are also just $60. You will also find some covers for the Nintendo Switch have been brought down in price by 45%. Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee is also now on sale for $30!

 Nintendo Switch

The price tag on the PlayStation 4 (1TB Slim) has dropped by quite a substantial amount. You can now get the console, as well as Spiderman and Horizon: Zero Dawn, for just $250. Already have a PS4, you can also find gaming headsets pretty cheap during Amazon Prime Day!

Playstation 4

If you are more into Microsoft, there is an Xbox One S bundle for sale at only $199! This bundle includes three games, Minecraft, Sea of Thieves and Forza Horizon 4. Already have an Xbox, well the Ultimate Pass for three months has been reduced to $30. The cost of Spiro Reignited Trilogy for Xbox has been reduced to $22.

Xbox One

There really are deals for everyone in this years Amazon Prime Day. For plenty more deals on all kinds of consoles and accessories, as well as games, you can visit Amazon Prime now by clicking here.

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    Deals You Won’t Want To Miss On Amazon Prime Day