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Daomei Village – A Fun Farming Sim Steeped in Chinese Culture

Daomei Village by developer Gameparic is a charming pixel art farming and life sim with a more low-key color palette perfect for the setting. After committing a crime, you have been ordered by the emperor to restore Daomei Village. It was once a lovely little place that has now fallen into disrepair. Of course, nothing comes free! The emperor still demands you pay taxes, and the tax collector will be sure to come collecting. So, turn your farmland into a profitable space in order to generate the income needed to pay your taxes. 

Start your new life with some really simple tools, 100 yuan, and a few seeds. Turn your new, run down farm into an income generator through hard work and care. Cultivate your fields to grow crops to sell. Grow different vegetables and flowers depending on the season. Take care of different types of animals, too. Each species requires their own dedicated spaces, so you’ll need to build pens that suit each one! You even get to breed the animals to help generate more income. As you get richer, you can implement automation to make your farming process even smoother! 

Steeped in Chinese folklore and architecture, Daomei Village is a beautifully designed game that immerses you in Chinese culture and demonology. You even get to see glimpses of previous dynasties as you explore the game. As you explore the village, get to know your neighbors. Each one is there because they’ve committed some type of crime. Get to know them and help them with tasks to earn their trust and learn what their crimes are. 

As you work hard to rebuild the village and increase the happiness of the villagers, you’ll be able to set out on adventures with the blessing of the emperor. These excursions take place in enemy lands occupied by the imperial army. There, you’ll face different challenges and combat situations, but you’ll also be greatly rewarded with new technology, seeds, and materials to further improve the village. The harder the challenge, the greater the reward!


Release Date

You can find Daomei Village listed on Steam, where you can add it to your Wishlist. There’s also a demo available for you to try. The game is set to release later this year!

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    Daomei Village – A Fun Farming Sim Steeped in Chinese Culture