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Cute 3DS Games With Demos!

svgNov 3, 2019FeatureKikki

The 3DS is dead! We keep hearing this. Is it true? Well…sort of. It’s certain that new 3DS games are very thin on the ground these days. But even if the amount of NEW games coming to 3DS is scanty, the existing library is already ENORMOUS! And very high-quality, too. Just check out this list of adorable games you can try for FREE right this minute and see if you don’t agree! We highly recommend grabbing your 3DS and snatching these demos off the e-shop if you have not done so already.

Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn

Extra Epic Yarn is just the newest in the Kirby series. Including the Virtual Console games, there are 14 Kirby games to play on 3DS. As for demos, 3DS also has them for Kirby: Battle Royale and Kirby: Planet Robobot. This is a Nintendo first-party series, so we doubt we need to tell you what it’s about. This is action-adventure gaming in that adorable way that is so classically Nintendo!

Monster Hunter Stories

Ever been interested in Monster Hunter, but thought it wasn’t really very, well…cute? Well Monster Hunter Stories is the answer to your problem! This cute spin-off from the main series is just what fans of happy, wholesome gaming would want. Collect monster eggs and hatch yourself some monster buddies, each with unique skills. You can even do some gene-mixing to create monsters with the best abilities. You’re going to need a good team to get through this game’s big world and the many side quests that branch off from the main story.

Cooking Mama 5: Bon Appetit!

Cooking Mama is the mother of all cooking games. (Sorry, we had to say it!) And you can try Cooking Mama 5: Bon Appetit! for free any time you want, and see why games that came after it (like Waku Waku Sweets) have modelled themselves after this cute series. And if cooking is just not your thing, have a look at Gardening Mama 2: Forest Friends instead! It’s every bit as cute. Possibly even cuter if you’re more about cute critters and pretty flowers than strawberry-topped cupcakes. (Do we really HAVE to choose? Oh wait…NO, WE DON’T. Both of these games have demos!)


Style Savvy: Fashion Forward

The 3DS has demos for both Style Savvy: Styling Star and Style Savvy: Fashion Forward. In our review of Style Savvy: Styling Star we show that it is a pretty good game itself! But if we compare the two, we give Fashion Forward the edge on it. You won’t just be dealing with designing clothing and dressing customers in these games. Giving someone a new style involves hair and make-up, too!

Pokemon (many versions!)

There are plenty of Pokemon games free to try on 3DS. Not just Sun/Moon, but also Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, and spin-off Pokemon games Detective Pikachu and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity! Not sure you’d like a spin-off? Thanks to the wonderful invention of game demos, you can try these charming games for free whenever you please.

Disney Art Academy

Even if you can’t draw, Art Academy instructional games help you produce surprisingly good work! If you love how cute Disney characters are and wish you could draw them yourself, Disney Art Academy is definitely the game for you.

Chibi-Robo!: Photo Finder

Chibi-Robo!: Photo Finder is a very unique game. We’ve never played another quite like it. In it you are a tiny robot who is helping to make the opening of a new museum a success. You won’t just be cleaning up little messes and finding stamps, you will be collecting relics of the past. You buy pieces of film with silhouettes cut into them, and then search history (our real world!) for an object that matches it. Take a picture with your 3DS camera to match that silhouette as precisely as possible and Chibi-Robo can transport the object and put it on display in the museum!

Ever Oasis

This game is so unspeakably cute that it makes our teeth ache! It must just be that sweet. But we love it…oh my, yes. Ever Oasis is about defending the desert’s last oasis. You must turn this poor little puddle into a safe haven to house all of the creatures who have been unhomed by the malicious and fast-spreading Chaos. Explore and conquer dungeons and rescue other survivors and escapees. If you can entice them, they will move into your oasis and open their own shops or provide services such as farming for you or heading out into the desert to gather resources. Put those with the right skills into your party and no barrier will keep you back. Build your little oasis into a thriving bastion of health and happiness!

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