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Add Pizazz To Any Gaming Space

svgAug 5, 2019FeatureKikki

A little while ago we wrote about ways to make your gaming life more comfortable and convenient. Today we’re going to talk a little about making it look better. Skins (often called decals) are available for just about any modern console and can drastically change the appearance of those ubiquitous black plastic boxes. You can customize your set-up in almost any way you can imagine, whether you have a PS4, Xbox One or a Nintendo Switch. The options are so ample, it can be hard to choose.

And though it is smaller to suit its hybrid nature, the Nintendo Switch also has many skins to customize it to your taste. One of the sprouts in this potato patch has the Sheikah Slate decals on their own Switch right now. They can make your console look so different that you’ll clear a more prominent space for it. No more hiding them away…you’ll want to feature it, to better admire its appearance.

And since the Switch is meant to be portable, there is another opportunity to customize it beyond console decals. Carrying cases! Did you know you can get ones that look like Mario or Luigi’s overalls? And there are plenty of cases to match almost any other game-themed skin you choose, too.

Keep in mind that if you have a comfort grip or other custom features on your Switch, you’ll need to choose a case that fits the Switch with the grip on. That, or the grip will have to be removed and carried separately. Some over-eager little potatoes forgot about that fact when buying their own carrying case. And we still haven’t figured out how to make the cords pretty. What does your gaming set-up look like? Have you done any customization? Did you go to any trouble to keep it tidy or organized?



Cyclist, gardener, photographer, crafter, writer and gamer, living in the snowy north. My favourite game series are Xenoblade, Legend of Zelda, Trails, Tales, Bokumono and Animal Crossing. I love to build digital towns, grow stuff, and beautify and save fantasy worlds.


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    Add Pizazz To Any Gaming Space