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Critter Cove – A Deeper Dive Into Underwater Exploration

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The developers of Critter Cove stressed with us last update the importance of the visual design for their underwater environments. You will be spending a large amount of the game exploring to depths of the sea as your main role is that of a salvage ship captain collecting fun and interesting resources below. The adorable critters that live on Critter Cove hire you to explore these beautiful underwater areas so that you can get what they need to upgrade their shops and homes, but also to make gifts for their friends.

Since our last update and interview with Gentleman Rat, the creators of Critter Cove, we have indeed been treated to beautiful animations of the sea and some diving on their Twitter page. We here at myPotatoGames were in such awe that we wanted to know exactly what they’ve been up to lately. The developers have been kind enough to send us the following information along with some quality screenshots!

New Toxic Biome

As you might already know, there will be a wide range of dive sites to explore including shipwrecks and ruins of sunken cities. Now we get to take a look at one of those dives sites currently in progress; a toxic biome! If you brave these hazardous environments you’ll gain access to special resources. Many dive sites will often have their own challenges to overcome by using the right equipment and special tools. For example, in order to dismantle an engine, the player must first acquire a wrench. You may have to go looking in several different locations like this in order to complete certain projects for the town.

How to Find and Prepare for Dive Sites

When you’re steering your ship around the open seas, you might notice clues on the surface indicating that there’s something directly below to discover. For example, an oil slick on the surface might indicate a sunken vessel below. When this happens, jump off your ship and start searching! After upgrading your ship later on, you’ll eventually be able to use a sonar device to help you with finding these treasures. You should also speak with the NPCs often as their will let you know of any rumors or tales which can lead to new locations. Finally, there are all sorts of charts and maps available for purchase from both legitimate and not-so-legitimate sources.


Find out what special outfits or equipment upgrades you will need for particular dive sites before you go exploring as some sites will be too deep, too cold, or too toxic. Rebreathers will help increase the time you can spend underwater and toxin sealed wetsuits can protect against poisonous and cold waters. Selecting the right equipment for a dive is essential to ensuring the dive’s success.

Don’t forget you can take some adorable companions as crew mates with you on these expeditions! Stay tuned with us as we learn more about Critter Cove which is currently in early development.


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    Critter Cove – A Deeper Dive Into Underwater Exploration