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Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled Zooms Even Faster

svgJul 21, 2019NewsRiver

The latest patch for Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled significantly drops the load times.

The most recent patch for CTR: Nitro Fueled brings some much welcomed (and much needed) changes. Sometimes the loading of a game can make or break or it. Too long of load times will cause one to think twice about which game they feel like loading up. If enough players are effected negatively by the load times of a game, it can die (online at least). Thanks to patch 1.0.5 for Crash Team Racing, this will most likely not be the cause of death for this wacky racing title.

In the patch, the load times between races has been reduced by approximately 14 seconds. This drops it from its original whopping 42 second load time to a much easier to swallow 28 seconds. Just enough to keep the wait at a bearable point. It is just a toony kart game, after all. The load times for Switch weren’t the the only things touched up in this update. Here is a comprehensive list of all the changes that have been made to CTR: Nitro Fueled:

– Loading time improvements on all platforms 
– Stability fixes when playing online 
– Adjustment to track selection frequency when choosing tracks in online matchmaking lobbies 
– Fix for various track lap exploits 
– Adjustment of global cooldown for power-ups on all players (prevent timeclock/warp orb spamming) 
– Fix to lobbies not repopulating properly after player quits 
– Fix to position shuffling and rewards at race end 
– Various other issues

For more information about Nitro Fueled, be sure to check out the official Crash Bandicoot website.


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    Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled Zooms Even Faster